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How to Know the Birds

The dawn chorus on a bright June morning in the foothills of the Appalachians… southbound Sandhill Cranes bugling against a gray sky over the shortgrass prairie… the desert come alive with thrasher song on a still afternoon in late winter… Everywhere in the ABA Area we delight in birdsong. Especially at this time of year. Practically […]

An eventful Year of the Bird

Could it be that birding gets more interesting, and more exciting, the longer we do it? Dedicated watchers know the answer is yes.The 2018 birding year, officially The Year of the Bird, only escalated our curiosity and passion for the hobby.  It was remarkably newsy and birdy, filled with feathery surprises, the latter including a plucky […]

Bird Watching Health Benefits

Bird watching is a popular hobby – according to the RSPB, some three million adults do it every year Great exercise When you consider the distance you could potentially hike in order to spot a bird, is will come as no surprise that bird watching is good exercise – which is obviously good for our […]

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