Boma Dinner and Drum Show

Wednesday 23 November 2022

Enjoy a feast of fun at The Boma – Dinner & Drum Show.

This event promises a fun evening of non-stop entertainment. It offers a unique experience that bombards the senses with the tastes, sights, sounds and smells of Africa – together with the warmth and hospitality of Zimbabwe and its people. Included are performances by traditional singers, dancers and drummers, and a four-course dinner featuring local cuisine. Specializing in a superb selection of traditional Zimbabwean dishes, The Boma offers a mouthwatering choice of starters from the kitchen, soup from the campfire and a substantial barbeque buffet. A wide variety of salads from the salad bar is offered, and to follow a choice of delicious desserts from the buffet area.

Everyone’s tastes are catered for and whilst the more adventurous may be enticed with many local delicacies and game stews, those wishing to enjoy beef, pork, fish and chicken or a variety of vegetarian meals are welcome to do so. The grand finale is an interactive drumming show giving you a chance to discover your inner African rhythm! This is an evening to remember and enjoy. We look forward to seeing you there.

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