Call for Round Table Discussions

Round Table Discussions (RTDs) usually take place after the main talks of the day. They are an opportunity to bring people together in an informal setting to discuss a particular topic of interest, develop networks or discuss new methodologies or ways of working. PAOCs attract an extremely diverse set of people from many different countries and RTDs are a mechanism that can be used to harness the broad range of skills and experience that will be available at the congress. They can be scientific, conservation-based (e.g. tackling vulture declines), or more general in nature (e.g. how to encourage different sectors of society into bird-based science and conservation).

There is no set format but often a short 5-10-minute introduction is made and the convenor of the RTD then leads a structured discussion around the subject. RTDs work best when there is a defined need or problem, and the aims and desired outcomes of the RTD are clear, whether this be a new network, a document detailing the results, or some other product. RTDs should avoid lengthy presentations in all cases.

If you would like to submit a proposal for an RTD, please use the form below:

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