Guidelines for submitting an abstract to PAOC

1. Email address of Proposer
This is the email address we will use for correspondence

2. Title of proposer
Please choose from the dropdown list (Dropdown list: Mr, Ms, Dr, Prof, Other (Type in your title))

3. Name of proposer
Please enter your name in the following format: First Name Middle Names (or initials) Last Name

4. Author list
Surname first, followed by a comma and space, then initials separated by a full stop. Use numbers to indicate institutional affiliation.

e.g. Brown, A.B.1,2 ; Green, C.D.1,3 and Scarlet, E-F.G.3

5. Address list
Please follow the example format as closely as possible using numbers for the author affiliations

1 Institute of Somewhere, Road number Name, City, Zip/Postcode, Country
2 University of City, Postbox, City, Zip/Postcode, Country
3 University of Town, Postbox, City, Zip/Postcode, Country

6. Title of talk/poster
People will decide to come and hear your talk based on your title. Please indicate which species (or group of species) you are working on and the main themes of the talk to make it clear to attendees what the talk is about and why they should come and hear it.

7. Which Symposium best suits your talk/poster?
Please choose the most appropriate symposium or ‘Other’ if your talk does not fit into any of those listed. We cannot guarantee we will be able to allocate your talk to your chosen option but will try to group similar talks together.

8. What language will you be giving your talk in (English, French)
Please choose from the dropdown menu

9. Abstract – Please give a succinct summary of the content of your talk/poster (max 150 words)
Please give a short summary regarding the main findings of your presentation

10. Is your attendance dependent on finding external funding? If so, please answer Yes and let us know as soon as possible when that funding is confirmed. We are happy to provide a letters to potential funders confirming that a talk has been submitted.
Please choose (Yes/No) in the dropdown box.

11. Limited support for a small number of students from Least Developed or Lower Middle Income countries may become available. If you wish to be considered for this, please choose Yes in the drop down box. Selections will be made from a shortlist of potential candidates in April.
Please choose (Yes/No) in the dropdown box. Small amounts of funding may be available and if you have requested assistance we will contact you with further details.

12. Are you a student?
Please enter (Yes/No) in the dropdown box

13. Do you wish to be considered for our Student Talk/Poster Prize?
Please choose Yes/No in the dropdown box.

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