List of Symposia

Nature Conservation and the Arts in Africa
BirdMap: A Bird Atlas Protocol for all of Africa
Avian life history seasonality in changing African environments
Developing capacity of early-career conservation leaders in Africa
Impacts of renewable energy and the rapid electrification of Africa on bird populations
Plight of African hornbills and conservation innovation
Impacts of invasive species on habitats, species and communities in important bird areas (IBAs)
Integrating science, policy and development to address unsustainable land use linked to African-Eurasian migrant landbird declines
Tracking migrants to reveal the diversity of spatiotemporal strategies and ultimately understand the ecology of migration
Mopane woodlands in a changing world: challenges for biodiversity conservation
Recent advances in the conservation and ecology of African parrots
Poison Response Training for Bird Conservation: Developing Best Practices
Raptors and the Anthropocene
Urban Avian Ecology in Africa
Urban Wetland Conservation Management – Goals, Experiences and Challenges
West African birds as indicators of biodiversity in an urbanizing world
CMS Vulture Multispecies Action Plan: Implementation in sub-Sahara Africa – an assessment of progress
Innovation in vulture conservation: a socio-environmental perspective
Flamingos in a changing world
2nd Herons of the World Symposium
Waterbirds and wetlands: monitoring, research and critical sites

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