Poster Presentations

The list of Posters can be downloaded HERE

Posters can be put up on Sunday and/or Monday (see arrangements for this below) and there will be poster sessions at afternoon coffee break on Tuesday and Thursday. During this time, please stand by your poster to talk to the delegates viewing the posters.

15th PAOC

Please read ALL these instructions very carefully.

Posters are an incredibly effective way of communicating your research. Consider this: talks last for 12 minutes only with three minutes for questions. At the poster sessions you can discuss your research findings in depth and your poser will be displayed all week.

In terms of format, we can only accept posters up to A0 size in Portrait format. The poster boards are 85 cm wide and will not accommodate Landscape A0 posters! Of course, your poster can be smaller!

We will provide velcro fixings to attach your poster to the poster board. Please bring your poster along to the registration room on Sunday 20 November 2022 or Monday 21 November 2022 and there will be a volunteer available to help you put your poster up.

Best student poster

For those who are eligible for the prize for the best poster, judging will be on: visual style, scientific content, originality of the research, effectiveness of communication

The prize for the best poster will be a Canon Powershot Zoom camera kindly donated by Canon South Africa.

There are several golden rules to win the best poster prize. The British Ecological Society have a great guide to designing posters which can be downloaded at




We would love you to share what is happening at the congress on social media! Please tweet using the hashtag #PAOC15 and #ornithology.  It is a great way to connect with people across the world, to share ideas and create collaborations. We heartily encourage people to tweet and post about their experiences, both inside the event, but also outside.

However, we understand that some people will not want their research broadcast as it may contain breaking news which has not yet been published. Where presenters use a ‘do not share’ image (the British Ecological Society created the one here which can be downloaded ) on their poster/talk presentation, we expect that fellow attendees will respect such a request. We will explain the meaning of the ‘do not share’ image on social media and the PAOC website. If people do not include the ‘do not share’ image on their presentation, we will assume they are happy for their research to be published openly.

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