Bird Watching Health Benefits

Bird watching is a popular hobby – according to the RSPB, some three million adults do it every year

Great exercise

When you consider the distance you could potentially hike in order to spot a bird, is will come as no surprise that bird watching is good exercise – which is obviously good for our health. Plus, a healthy body equals a healthy mind! When we exercise, levels of serotonin and dopamine (that make us feel good) rise, and levels of cortisol (that make us feel stressed) are lowered.

Plenty of fresh air

Since the rise in technology we have started to spend more and more time sat inside – whether we’re watching a box set on TV, playing a game on our tablets or scrolling through social media on our phones. Bird watching gets you outside where you will spend plenty of time breathing fresh air into your lungs and soaking up vitamin D from the sun.

Lifts your spirits

Bird watching can be exciting, you never know what you will see next and what type of bird you might discover that day. It can help to restore your optimism and self-esteem leaving you feeling exhilarated with a renewed sense of purpose.

Lowers stress levels

Everyday life tends to be fast and frantic. This can cause stress, which can increase the risk of many illnesses. Watching birds, on the other hand, is calming and relaxing – it is the epitome of peace and tranquility. You stop thinking about all those things that were causing you stress, instead focusing on the moment.

Time to reflect

Bird watching also allows you time to reflect – and when watching birds with their delicate wings flying from branch to branch and taking food to their young – you will feel at one with nature. It provides you with the time to take in the world around you and focus your attention as you look out for the rustle of leaves. This will remind you of the simpler things in life and realise that those big things you worry about aren’t as important as they once seemed.

If you weren’t bird watching before, you probably will be now!

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